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Hey friend, I'm Janie.

I'm glad you're here.

And when I say, "I'm glad you're here," what I mean is that I know you're probably feeling a bit hesitant and overwhelmed right now.  I'm not glad that you're feeling hesitant or overwhelmed, but I am glad that you're here, because I know I can help you.


Since this is my About page, I think I'm supposed to tell you when I graduated from law school and passed the bar exam.  I did both of those things, in 1997.


If that seems like a really long time ago, I agree.


What that means for you is that I've been handling contested divorce, custody and support cases like yours for over twenty years, and I know my way around Probate and Family Court.


But this really isn't about me, is it?  This is about you and what you need right now.


I'm guessing you want to know that the lawyer you choose to hire is going to take care of you, and know how to help you.


I'm guessing you want a lawyer that will be responsive to you, and available whenever you have a question.


I'm hoping you want a lawyer that will give you honest, practical advice, even when she knows it's not exactly what you want to hear in that moment.  If that's not you, then you should click away from this page because I'm not the right lawyer for you.


If the earlier description resonated, then we're probably a good fit.


But don't take my word for it, scroll down to see what some of my clients have to say, and then keep scrolling to learn more about how I can help you.


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So what's your next step?

I have a couple of options for you.

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I'll be here when you're ready.


You take good care until then.