Hey there.


If you and your spouse agree on how to handle your kids and your money after divorce . . . 


or even if you're pretty close to agreeing. . .


. . . then I want to show you how to get an uncontested (mediated) divorce.

What is an uncontested or mediated divorce and will that work for my situation?


I'm glad you asked.


An uncontested divorce simply means that -- by the time your divorce is filed with the Court -- you and your spouse agree on all child-related and financial terms.


Some couples come to me after they've agreed on everything (hence the name "uncontested"), and they just need help with the paperwork.


Other couples come to me when they're very close to an agreement -- or very motivated to reach agreement.  For those couples, I can usually finalize the divorce terms within 1 or 2 mediation sessions, hence the name "mediated"  divorce.


Whichever of these categories you and your spouse fit into, the bottom line is the same --


I can help you get divorced with a clear and professionally-drafted agreement.


And I can get you there in less time and for less money.

If I had you at less time and money- and you're SO READY to talk to me - just click here.

If we haven't met yet, I'm Janie.


I've been a divorce and custody lawyer for over twenty years.  I've tried dozens of contested cases, and drafted more divorce agreements than I want to count.


And I've gotten very good at focusing my clients on the decisions they need to make in order to resolve their divorce and custody cases as efficiently as possible.


Because the truth is -- especially if you have children together -- you and your spouse want to move on with your lives, not spend time with me inside of a courthouse. (It's okay.  I'm not taking it personally.)

Inside of my Uncontested Divorce Course, I walk you and your spouse step-by-step through the uncontested divorce process.


We will get the divorce documents drafted, filed with, and approved by the Court.


Then, I'll show you how to implement the terms of your divorce agreement.


And, if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do a little bit of DIY-ing (with my guidance, of course), we'll get it all done for a one-time flat fee that is disclosed to you in advance.


Hmmm. . . transparent pricing. . . the other divorce lawyers are definitely going to be mad at me.


I know.  You want to learn more.  Just keep scrolling down.


Or maybe you're thinking "Janie, you had me at transparent pricing" and you're ready to talk.  Now I know you're super smart, so just click this button.

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Interested? | Here's how it works.

Step 1

You join the program for a one-time flat fee.  This fee includes UNLIMITED email access to me for six months, IMMEDIATE access to the forms and video content (also for six months), and a review meeting with me so that we make sure all of the I's are dotted and T's are crossed.

Step 2

We get to work.  I tell you what to do first, and next.  I'm with you at every step to keep you on track.  All you have to do is follow my instructions and we'll make a great team.

Step 3

You get divorced, spend less time with lawyers and judges, and keep more of your money.

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It's like having 24-7 access to my digital lawyer brain.

What to Do

Templates — the same ones I have used for twenty-plus years — for all of the documents that you will need.

When and How to Do It

Video content that takes you step-by-step through the decisions that you need to make, and the drafting of your divorce documents.  You will ALWAYS know what to do and when, because I show you.

Access to Me

For the duration of the program, you and your spouse ALWAYS have UNLIMITED email access to me (and I personally respond to your emails.)  Plus, the flat fee also includes a one-hour review meeting with me to discuss questions and add the final touches to your divorce agreement.

Sound like a plan?  Then we should talk.


The first call is free, and -- by the time we're done talking -- I'll know if this package is a good fit for you.

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