You'll be able to book a free conference with me at the bottom of this page. . .


. . . but first let me tell you how I work with clients. . .


. . . and how you will not have to pay a retainer.

Instead, join us inside of the Pay-As-You-Go Membership.


The Pay-As-You-Go Membership is the very SELECT GROUP of AWESOME clients that I have the privilege of representing in contested divorce and custody cases.


I use the word "SELECT" because I accept a limited number of clients into the Membership.  The work we do in the Membership is highly customized, and I make sure to keep space in my calendar to serve each client at the highest level.


And I say "AWESOME" because. . . well. . . I have awesome clients.


When you hire me by joining the Pay-As-You-Go Membership, you're hiring me on what we lawyers call an "LAR" basis.


LAR stands for "Limited Assistance Representation."


I'm not a huge fan of the word "Limited," because there is nothing limited about what we do around here, but here's how I describe Limited Assistance Representation (keep scrolling down, my friend.)

Imagine going into a restaurant, opening the menu and seeing that there are no prices listed next to the menu items.


So you ask the waiter what your meal will cost, and he tells you that it depends on how long the chef takes to prepare your entire meal.


Oh it gets better.  You're not selecting your own meal.  The chef will choose for you. . .

She will then prepare your meal, charge you by the hour, and send you an invoice periodically as you eat what is brought out for you.


Yes, you have to eat all of it.  You also need to pay the chef a retainer before she starts cooking.


I am the chef in this analogy (I know. . . stay with me.)

What I have described above is the traditional model of representing clients that lawyers have used for decades -- the retainer and hourly fee model.


This works for some clients in some circumstances, but not for everyone.


Many other clients want an alternative to paying large retainers and getting billed by the hour.


I created the Pay-As-You-Go Membership for them.

If retainers and hourly billing is like shoving down the whole menu in one meal. . .

then LAR is more like a la carte.

You order what you need and want depending on your circumstances, and you know in advance what you will pay for each item that you order because the price is right on the menu.


Hmmm. . . transparent pricing. . . the other chefs lawyers are definitely going to be mad at me.


I know.  You want to learn more.  So keep scrolling down.


Or maybe you're thinking "Janie, you had me at transparent pricing" and you're ready to talk.


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So, yeah, we think the Membership is pretty awesome.  But don't take our word for it.  Check out what our clients have to say.

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Oh, you have questions before we talk?  Good.


I'd never make it as a chef, but family court is definitely my jam.  And chef-analogies aside, I take this work very seriously.


I know you do, too.  After all, this is your family -- there is a lot on the line.  So please -- ask away.

Hey there.  I'm Janie.


I've had the privilege of representing clients for over twenty years in contested divorce and custody cases.


Inside of the Pay-As-You-Go Membership, I put all of that experience to work for you.

Currently, I'm not accepting new clients into the Pay-As-You-Go Membership, but I will be re-opening soon.


When I do re-open, I will first notify anyone on my waitlist, so add your name and email -- and then click the submit button -- and you'll be the first to know when I re-open enrollment to the Membership.