The Road Map Through Your Massachusetts Divorce, Custody or Support Case

Learn the what, when, how and how much of divorce, custody and support cases in the Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts.  The course is free, and can be accessed from your computer or any mobile device.

Then, when you're ready, we'll talk.  Sound like a plan?

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Inside the Road Map Course. . .

Module 1. The What, How and When of Divorce, Custody and Support Cases.

In this module, I tell you all about what the Probate and Family Court will decide in your case, how those issues are decided, what the procedure looks like from beginning to end, and how long it takes.

Module 2. How Much Will It Cost Me To Hire A Lawyer?

In this module, we get to the “how much” question.  I explain what, in my experience, you could spend when you hire a lawyer the “traditional” way, and why I created another option for my clients.

Module 3.  Taking the Next Step (or Not.)

In this module, I help you decide whether you should file right away, whether it is better to wait, and – regardless of the timing – what you should do in the meantime.

And, you'll have access to me when you have questions.

I understand that the decision to hire an attorney – and which one to hire – is difficult, especially when it comes to your family.

My name is Janie Lanza Vowles, and I've had the privilege of representing family law clients for twenty years.  I know my way around Probate And Family Court, and I created the Road Map course because I know what your questions are and I want to answer them.

I'll check in on you as you move through the course, and you will always have the ability to email your questions to me.

Then, when you're ready, we'll connect on a complimentary call to dig into your specific questions.

See you inside the course.


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