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What happens when you combine the time-tested and proven strategies of a real divorce lawyer with bulletproof mindset tools?


You clean up your brain, simplify your divorce and up-level your post-Divorce life.

Hey, friend.


I want to tell you something.


Some of my divorce-lawyer colleagues may not want you to know this. . .


but I'm going to say it anyway.


Your divorce is not that complicated.  Sorry.


(Okay, I'm not really that sorry.)


I know.  You don't believe me.  You think that your circumstances are different.


You want to tell me that you've never been good with money, so all of the talk about child support, financial statements and expenses is very confusing.


Or maybe you're thinking that your ex is a real @#$!ing jerk, so you'll never be able to peacefully co-parent with him or resolve the custody issues in your case.


You're not even sure if you're asking your divorce lawyer the right questions when you call or email him. . .


. . . and those are pretty expensive phone calls and emails, right!?

Listen, my friend.


The only thing you need to do right now is CLEAN UP that beautiful brain of yours.


Once you do that, your divorce will be simple.

Curious about how? | Let me tell you about my program.


In 12 weeks, I'll show you how to:

Stop the confusion and overwhelm. . . 

Focus on what really matters in your divorce, and. . . 

Step into the best version of your post-divorce self right now (even if your divorce is still ongoing.)


Here's how it works.

Step 1 - You Click.

First, you answer 3 quick questions for me so that I know exactly what you're struggling with the most right now, and then you schedule a free coaching call with me.

Click here if you're ready for the questions.

Step 2 - We Talk.

I call you at the date and time that you selected for your free coaching call.  We'll get right down to what is really blocking you, and what the solution is.

So. . . yeah, this phone call is a no-brainer.

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Step 3 - If I think my Program is right for you, I'll invite you to Join.

And you'll accept my invitation, of course.  Because. . . well. . . that brain of yours is really [email protected]#$cking smart.  It just needs a little direction.

And then we get to work. . . .

This coaching program combines my two decades of experience as a divorce lawyer with THE best mindset coaching tools in the world.

We'll drill down to what the real problem is with your divorce, and then I'll show you how to solve it.

The Formula

In our first five weeks together, I'll teach you a formula that you can use to feel better about your divorce without waiting or wishing for anything outside of you to change, including your ex.


Apply What You Learn

For the next seven weeks after that, we'll take the work deeper with a topic that will be customized for your awesome brain based on what you're struggling with the most.

Coaching and Content

Over our 12 weeks together, you'll have 6 coaching calls with me via Zoom.  These are small group calls that are scheduled so that you can attend live, because you will get personalized coaching from me on every single call.  I'll also provide you with additional content that will help you apply the tools you're learning.


In addition to our coaching sessions, you'll have unlimited, private email access to me anytime you need some written coaching.

What I’m going to teach you about your divorce is not what you're expecting.


And that's awesome news. . .


Because the truth is you don't need someone to commiserate with you about how hard it is to get divorced.


And you definitely don't need another Facebook group where everyone complains about how their ex is a total narcissist.


You need a real solution -- a step-by-step process -- that is entirely within your control. 


That is exactly what I have for you inside of my coaching program.


Once we nail this down (and we will), you won't believe all of the space that opens up for you.

What clients say about coaching with me. . .

"Thank you for your confidence in me.  I’ve come a long way with your guidance and support and I appreciate you so much.”


"Your insight and explanation of how to incorporate the formula really cuts through the thought clutter in my head and blows my mind in the best way." 

- Catherine

"I served my ex with the paperwork I had filed.  After that, we had two conversations.  Both were long and filled with his requests that I just do what he wants (and his comment that I'm 'stupid').  I wanted you to know that, because of your coaching, I felt much more prepared to deal with these conversations, and had a quicker 'recovery' from speaking with him." 

- Hillary

"I wanted to share a story where your coaching helped me.  . . This weekend I was trying to confirm with my ex where we would exchange the kids. . .  After three ignored messages I realized I needed to take my power back.  I sent a message saying what I was going to do. . . and suddenly I get a reply.  The reply wasn’t exactly nice but it was just words on a screen and I knew what I was doing and when/where I would get my children which is all that matters.

I’m forever grateful I met you."

- Erin

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