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If you think your Divorce is Confusing . . .

Overwhelming. . .

or Complicated. . .

 then you're in the right place. . .

because I totally get you, and I can help.

Hey friend, I'm Janie.

I am a practicing divorce lawyer and certified life coach.

And I'm on a mission to help every client simplify her divorce and step into a peaceful post-divorce life.

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In fact,  helping clients simplify the divorce and step into a peaceful post-divorce life is exactly what I do in my coaching program.

Curious? | I'd love to tell you more.

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If You Want To Peacefully Co-Parent After Divorce, Stop Telling Yourself This Lie. . .

and learn the 3 Truths that will CHANGE EVERYTHING.

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What clients are saying. . .

"Thank you for your confidence in me.  I’ve come a long way with your guidance and support and I appreciate you so much.”


"Your insight and explanation of how to incorporate the formula really cuts through the thought clutter in my head and blows my mind in the best way." 

- Catherine

"I served my ex with the paperwork I had filed.  After that, we had two conversations.  Both were long and filled with his requests that I just do what he wants (and his comment that I'm 'stupid').  I wanted you to know that, because of your coaching, I felt much more prepared to deal with these conversations, and had a quicker 'recovery' from speaking with him." 

- Hillary

"I wanted to share a story where your coaching helped me.  . . This weekend I was trying to confirm with my ex where we would exchange the kids. . .  After three ignored messages I realized I needed to take my power back.  I sent a message saying what I was going to do. . . and suddenly I get a reply.  The reply wasn’t exactly nice but it was just words on a screen and I knew what I was doing and when/where I would get my children which is all that matters.

I’m forever grateful I met you."

- Erin

I accept a limited number of clients into my coaching program.

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