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The Divorce Mindset Blog

Let’s clean up your brain. . . and clear space for your awesome life.

Your mindset matters.

As a family lawyer, my job is to tell my clients what action to take to maximize the odds of getting the results they want. . .

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How Divorces are like Plane Crashes. . .

. . . and not in the way you're thinking. . . 

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Why your brain is being mean to you.

When I tell clients about my coaching program, they tell me that it seems like I made it for them.  They’re right.

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Other Posts

On January 15, 2022, I moved my older son into his college dorm for the very first time.  Read more. . . 

Helen* sent me a lot of text messages today.  They were not from her to me.  The messages were from her (soon-to-be-ex) husband to Helen. Read more . . .

There is a girl pictured in the photo with this post.  I remember her.  She was excited, and very hungry.  Hungry for approval. . . from anyone and everyone around her. Read more. . .

I'm at an age where my nieces and nephews are having their own children. . . Read more

I met with Helen recently.  She had a decision to make about settling her divorce . . . Read more

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Do NOT eat that doughnut.

When my clients ask me how they should respond a particular message from the ex, many times I’ll say. . .

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Being Uncomfortable and 9th Grade Math

Algebra and geometry were not my best subjects in high school.  I was the kid who. . . 

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Our kids will remember what we do NOT say. . .

I have an old friend.  I’m going to call her “Helen,” which is not her real name.

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Other Posts

Sooooo, I backed out of my garage into my son's car.  Yup, just backed right into it. . . . Read more.

The speed limit on most major highways is 55 miles per hour, right?

You and I both know that we are usually not driving 55 miles per hour, right?. . . . Read more.

We've all screwed up and said something to our (former) spouses that we wish we had not said . . . . Read more.

Manuals are heavy.  They're like rocks in your backpack.  So why are you carrying them?  Read more. . . 

If time were my husband. . . he would have divorced me by now.  Read more. . . 

Did you know that you can tell your ex that he's right?  I'll bet a lot of you are having some thoughts about that right now.  Read more.

Keeping your Brain Clean is like Keeping your Bathroom Clean.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just, one day, get a brand new bathroom, give it a really good scrub once and then never have to clean it again?

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What People Will Say About Your Divorce. . .

When people find out that you're getting divorced, they will have a lot to say about how you feel and what you should do.  Here's how to respond.

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The Hardest Part is Doing Nothing. . .

I thought I was prepared when my son starting attending a new school, but I was not prepared for the hardest part.

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