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Would you say THAT to HER?!

Hey friend:


I want to talk about some of the mean sentences you've been saying to yourself.


About how you've been all over the place lately. . .


Or about how you've never been good with money. . .


Or about how you're so stupid for -- fill in the blank about whatever thing you did in the past that you regret now.


And I want you to stop and think about something for one second.


Picture yourself when you were, say, 5 or 6 years old.  Go ahead, just find a picture of yourself around that age.  If not an actual picture, then focus on remembering yourself at that age.


I'm serious.  I want you to do that right now, and then hold that image in your brain for 60 seconds.


Here's me at that age.  I know -- that's a sweet haircut.  Try to not be jealous. ;-)



Now I want to ask you a question about those mean things you've been saying to yourself.


Would you say THAT to HER?


I know you, my friend.  If you're reading my stuff, you're not that person.  You're not the person who would deliberately say something like that to that little girl, or to any little girl.


Not deliberately.  Not after you've really stopped to think about it.


Because you would see that little girl for who she really is, and for who she will become.  She is just a little human person doing her best, even though sometimes her best, well, kind of sucks.


So stop saying it to yourself.  I mean it.  Stop it.


And if you do catch yourself saying it again (and you probably will, at least for a little while), then pull out that picture again.  Really focus on her, and then tell her this. . .


"Hey sweetie, I shouldn't have said that.  You're doing a great job.  You really are."


Because it's true.  You really are doing a great job, friend.  We are not supposed to be perfect at this.


Talk to you soon.  You be nice to her in the meantime.


 Janie Lanza Vowles - Practicing Divorce Lawyer -- Certified Life Coach