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There’s a reason why your brain is being mean to you.


When I tell clients about my coaching program, they tell me that it seems like I made it for them.

They’re right.  I did.

I created this coaching program for the hundreds of parents I’ve represented in the last two decades.

Parents who try sooo hard every day to do the right thing when it comes to their kids and their ex.

Parents who are on the front lines of balancing work, homework, feeding little humans, getting them to school. . .  

. . . fielding the questions about whether or not everything is okay, and why mom or dad seemed mad at the last pickup. . .

. . . feeling like they have to deflect a bunch of arrows at the same time. . . arrows in the form of back-handed comments about how you should be doing this differently or better.

Those little arrows are sharp, especially the ones that feel like they’re coming from inside your own brain. Those are the ones that really hurt, right?

I have great news for you.  If it sounds like I’m describing you, that means your brain is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Take that I’m.  There’s nothing wrong with you.  Seriously.

You just have a human brain.

It’s literally the most amazing machine on the planet.

But if it’s always working on default — without any direction or management from you — sometimes it’s going to be mean to you.  

And when it’s mean to you, your impulse is to defend.

Because, like I said, those freaking arrows hurt.

And when you judge yourself because the arrows hurt, that judgment hurts.

And when your brain tells you that the ex needs to change for you to feel better, that sucks because it gives all of your power away.  

And it’s total bullshit, my friends.

You're brain is being mean to you because it thinks it needs to protect you.  And you’re buying into that.

You totally need to stop doing that.

I can show you how.  Just click here.

Talk to you soon.