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Going to Divorce Court is like salting a meal.

Hey friends:


I always salt my food. . . super carefully.


I like some amount of salt on just about everything I eat.


But it has to be just the right amount, and "just the right amount" really depends on the meal that I am salting.  I'm pretty precise about it.


And I also know that salt does not fix crappy food.  A lot of salt is not going to make a shitty meal taste better.


I'll bet that you agree with me on that.  Unscrewing the cap on the salt shaker and just dumping the salt out onto your full plate is not going to create a great result.


I want you to think of Divorce Court the same way.


Sometimes, it is a very good idea to go Court. Sometimes, if you don't go, you're preventing yourself from improving things for yourself and your kids.


But only sometimes, and only in the right amount and in the right way.


You first will want to be thoughtful about the preparation of the meal the case that you're going to salt to bring to Divorce Court.


Do not fool yourself into believing that you can throw a bunch of court hearings at your life to magically make it better.  That is like overcooking the chicken. . .


and then unscrewing the salt shaker. . .


and just dumping it all out. . .


and then trying to choke down that plate full of overcooked chicken and salt.


It's not going to work.


It's not going to work in Divorce Court either.


There are only certain things that Divorce Court can really help you with.  And only with the right preparation, and the right amount of salt.


You have to be precise about it.


I know -- you're thinking you don't know how to prepare this meal the right way, and that you definitely will never understand how much salt it needs.


That's okay.  I do, and I can show you.


Talk to you soon, friends.




Janie Lanza Vowles - Practicing Divorce Lawyer -- Certified Life Coach